Using tokens for custom settings in VSTS CICD Pipelines

In this blog I will explain how to separate your settings from your configuration files, when deploying from VSTS. I will show with an example how you can deploy your WebApp and store all variables in VSTS, eliminating the need for developers to have all settings and configurable values within Web.config transformation files.

When deploying your WebApp to various on-premise environments from VSTS, you can use Web.config transformations for separation of your various variables. But, sometimes, the *.Config transformations do not meet your needs.

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End-to-End testing AngularJS apps from Visual Studio

There are many methods of testing your application. Great tools like Selenium are widely used, and developers (should) write unit tests for their code. In a DevOps team, we want to run tests automated, ideally using continuous integration tools like TeamCity or Release Manager.

This post will show an example of testing your AngularJS fully automated from within Visual Studio or your continuous integration tooling.
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